The Sims 4 Update : 9/5/2019

PC / Mac

5th Anniversary

It’s already been five years since The Sims 4 released; whew–time flies when you’re simming! In celebration of this milestone, we’ve added a set of end-of-summer content so that your Sims can join in the festivities. Invite some friends and family over, fire up the grill, and enjoy a backyard get together with this new content. (FYI – the new stilted foundation is perfect for creating a backyard deck!) You’ll even spot some patterns with nods to famous icons of The Sims…

New Clothing

  • Men’s Long Blazer
  • Woman’s Summer Party Full Body Outfit
  • Boy’s Polo Rugby Top
  • Girl’s Knee-Length Leggings

New Build Content

  • Fence: “Fence”
  • Railing: “Stair Railing”
  • Stair: “Stairs”
  • Foundation: “Stilt Foundation”
  • Foundation: “Canvas”

New Objects

  • Light: “Outdoor Ground Light”
  • Plant: “Plant Potted Floor”
  • Living Chair: “Outdoor Seat”
  • Lounge Chair: “Outdoor Lounger”
  • Dining Table: “Outdoor Table”
  • End Table: “Outdoor End Table”
  • Pedestal: “Upside Down Gnome Decor”

Muslim-Inspired Clothing and Architecture

To help even more of our players express themselves and create Sims that are relevant to their everyday lives, we’ve introduced a set of Muslim-inspired clothing and architecture.


  • Hijab
  • Belted Dress
  • Jacket with Long Skirt
  • Modest Athletic Wear / Swimsuit
  • Athletic Hijab


  • Knitted Kufi
  • Buttoned Shirt


  • Girl’s Pleated Dress
  • Boy’s Buttoned Shirt

Build Content

  • Window: “Window 1 Wide Version Angular”
  • Window: “Window 1 Wide Version Rectangular”
  • Window: “Window 2 Wide Version Angular”
  • Door: “Door 1 Wide”
  • Door: “Door 2 Wide”
  • Arch: “Arch Door”
  • Arch: “Arch E”
  • Tile Wall Pattern: “2 Tone Wall Without Wainscoting or Trim”


  • Basements will not create irremovable flooring between levels.
  • Fixed an issue where Tattoos and Skin Details did not apply on Mac.
  • Fixed an issue that caused weighting for names, clothing, facial features, and skin tones to skew heavily in specific directions if City Living or Island Living were installed.
  • Solved the problem where showers were playing a sound even after deleted.
  • Solved an issue where skin details vanish after randomizing traits, voice, or clothing.
  • Toddlers now learned how to drink from sippy cups again. Not sure why they were so resistant in the first place; those things are great!
  • Sims have regained the ability to gradually fill empty homes!
  • If you want Sims to fill empty homes, go to Game Options -> Gameplay -> and check the "Fill Empty Homes" option.
  • Photo frames will now persist when downloaded from the gallery.
  • Fixed an issue where when using the console cheat window the screen would go black.
  • Fixed various save load issues when loading specific households.
  • Sims are now able to drown again if you do not have Island Living installed! How were we able to survive without this? Either way, back to drowning!
  • Certain households will no longer randomly change into nude outfits.
  • Facebook functionality has been retired.
  • Friezes can now be applied to individual sides of lower height walls when holding the shift key.
  • Floor trims on exterior walls will no longer be cut away when a staircase is placed adjacent to the trim on the interior side of the wall.
  • Fixed a couple of layering issues with tight pants and boots.
  • Re tuned the values for comfort, decor, fun, hygiene, comfort on several objects.
  • Fixed various typos.
  • Fixed various other small issues.

City Living

  • Teen Sims that are Unflirty can now make out with other teens.

Island Living

  • Fixed an issue where seashells liked to stack on top of each other. Not sure why these pesky seashells were so insistent.
  • Fishing in Sulani now counts towards the “Fish in 3 Spots” Goal.
  • Players now have the ability to trigger volcanic eruptions with cheats: volcanic_eruption small and volcanic_eruption large!
  • Children can now drown.
  • Sims can now drown while riding an Aqua Zip!
  • Island counters have been added to your Build catalog!

Cats and Dogs

  • When putting your cuddly friends up for adoption you will no longer be faced with inaccessible UI.
  • Now your pets will be able to fully complete obstacle courses with Stand Platforms.

Get Famous

  • Skills/Tasks are now displayed for every gig and audition in the career panel.
  • Certain auditions will stop being spammed in the gigs panel.
  • They were reaaaallly desperate for talent.
  • Teen Sims can no longer run romantic socials with celebrities.


  • Portrait oriented photos that are submitted are now returned. Those greedy agencies, always trying to steal people's work.
  • Fixed some photo approval issues for the Photography Career.


  • Fixed a visual issue with fountain decorations being placed next to a pool.


  • Fixed an issue where Vampires were exhibiting their old weaknesses even though they were not applied.

Reference : www.ea.com

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